All about Earth Tech

Dedicated to finding better ways to solve Environmental problems.

The Company was started by Robert Johnson who has been bringing new ideas to the forefront for a long time. “I suppose my first venture was a “Snub Cube” cabin in the woods in Oklahoma maybe 40 years ago.” I am a licensed architect in four States and work in 2 and 3 dimensional drawings all the time.

40 Years Of Experience In Environmental Problem Solutions

We believe that everyone deserves a safe and comfortable place to call home, and we are dedicated to making that happen.

Robert Johnson

About Mr Johnson

Robert Johnson Architect has been in the Construction business (both design, construction and management) for more than 40 years. Robert is proposing new age energy efficient apartment buildings

The Ideas

The idea had been in his head a long time, but it wasn’t until he started seeing world energy crisis start to happen that he decided to act. Of course, all of Europe was fearing a cold winter and loss of gas and electricity. But then reading more local news articles, he became aware that the problem was right on his door step.

Thus, he started pulling together the best pieces of all the work done in the past and meshing it with the latest products of the current time. 

  1. High efficiency Solar panels
  2. Primary and back up storage with highly efficient batteries.
  3. Residential metering systems that offer charge levels and suggested battery charge “Budgets” for each day based of the charge level.
  4. Highly insulated wall and roof panels with reflective surfaces offering R-20 to R-60.
  5. Super insulated doors and windows.
  6. Sun orientation studies utilizing passive and active storage of the sun’s energy.

Robert has started a Company called Advanced Design LLC. The Company will focus primarily on the housing needs of today; primarily Apartments. He is actively talking to several cohesive professions:

  1. A real estate attorney
  2. A local builder
  3. A construction manager
  4. A CPA